Turn Table Unit floating in the air

Super heavyweight turntable


 In order to suppress micro vibration from the floor,19 kgs granite turntable base is equipped.Also 17kgs stainless platter is lifted by air bearing and rotates very stably and quietly. The platter is only loaded by a few hundred grams in the lateral direction by the yarn belt to support the rotation.

Non-servo motor drive

Noise of servo control motor may come into the audio band. TAT2 does not function with the rotation control. The open control motor just supports the high moment of inertia of the platter to eliminate micro vibration. In addition, the yarn drive does not transmit the vibration of the motor. This yarn Kevlar (four-net aramid fiber) that is has much less elongation and is harder to break than iron to drive the platter reliably.




2-arm installation available

The base plate specified for the customer's arm is attached normally. Also it is available to mount the linear tracking arm AFU1-2 (sold separately). In addition, it is possible to mount the second arm and as expandability, up to 3 different arms can be installed. (Sold separately from ordering the second arm base)




Highly Silent air pump with double hermetic structure (sold separately)

The air pump(POU1) is equipped with the motor system for long-term stable function that is used in medical. POU1 supplies the compressed air without vibration and to lift up the heavy platter. It has a double hermetic structure that prevents vibration noise from leaking and keeps highly silent in your music room.




Model                                               TAT2

Material                                            Base ........... JIS0 grade granite table base

                                                           Platter ....... High inertia stainless steel platter

Weight                                              Base ... 19kg

                                                           Platter ....... 17kg

Drive system                                    Crystal-follow No feedback motor drive XFD method

Rotation transmission method     Yarn drive (four-fiber aramid)

Drive motor                                      DC coreless low noise motor

Rotation speed                                33 1/3 ・ 45rpm

Speed accuracy                               ±0.3%

Wow and flutter                              Wow 0.2% , Flutter 0.04% less

Power supply                                  AC100 / 120 / 200 / 240V, 50 / 60Hz

Power consumption                      40W

Size                                                   440W x 128H x 320D

Accessories                                     AC power cable, 2 drive yarns, air tube Φ4,

                                                          One arm attachment
                                                          (processed according to the arm specified by the                                                                    customer)

Sold separately                               Player board LPB2

                                                          Air pump POU1 (DC cable included)

                                                          Linear tracking arm AFU1-2 (air tube Φ4 included)

Warranty                                         period5 years (excluding consumables)
                                                          registration is  required


  • An optional air pump POU1 is required for use.

  • The specifications, design, design and price may be changed without notice.

  • Due to the use of granite, stone patterns and colors may vary depending on the production lot.


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