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Olasonic  Nanocompo NH-BA1
Product Features ★ I Kiru sounded the various balance type headphone by the driving force of the power amplifier ◆ recently, has high music playback purity without the use of a ground line to signal transmission called "balance drive" in the headphone market is capable drive system become one of the trend. However, specifications of the headphone connector corresponding to the balance drive at the moment, is no unified standard situation. Olasonic is taking advantage of the driving force for the first time, "NANOCOMPO" and cultivated balanced output power amplifier in the series in the industry (※), will release an adapter that draw the performance of the balance drive corresponding to these headphone connector. Also equipped with pass-through pin for the speaker, it is the possible combination of the speaker system and the balance type headphones to suit your listening scene. In housing, we have followed the CD jacket size that has been adopted by "NANOCOMPO" series. Also, use the shaved aluminum solid, it will be high rigidity and engineers having both a luxury assemble one by one limited edition. ※: Our balanced output specification product: "NANO-UA1a", "NANO-UA1", "NANO-A1". In addition, you can use in combination also the power amplifier of the balance output specifications of the third-party.
◆ achieve high sound quality playback of a balanced headphone
◆ equipped with a balance connection connector of up to 5 types of major headphone manufacturers have adopted (※) ※ You can not use the normal three-terminal stereo headphones.
◆Small size audio systems that do not choose a storage place

Nanocompo NH-BA1

zł 3 499,00Cena
  • Corresponding connector:
    LR stand-alone 3-pole XLR connector / LR integrated 4-pole XLR connector /
    LR Independent 3.5φ connector / LR integrated 4-pole connector 2.5φ /
    LR-integrated angle type connector

    Impedance of the corresponding headphone: 8 ~ 600Ω
    Maximum input: 28W + 28W (8Ω)
    Dimensions: 149 (W) × 46 (H) × 149 (D) mm (not including protrusions)
    weight 980g
    Body color: Silver (anodized finish)
    Origin: Japan

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